Ficus Elastica Ruby (Potted)


With its large, ruby-tinged leaves, the Rubber Ficus brings a touch of colour and class to any home.

The rubber plant is known for its durability- it’s very easy to look after & doesn’t require regular maintenance. Simply water sparingly when the soil is dry. The rubber plant will also indicate it needs watering as the direction of the leaves point down.

Pets: Low toxicity
Prevention: Despite low toxicity, we don’t advise pets to chew on your plant.
If possible, prevent access of your cat or puppy to the plant. Alternatively, surround your indoor plant with lemon rinds — cats don’t like the smell of lemon rinds or citrus oils. Cayenne pepper, sprinkled around an outdoor rubber tree, may deter your puppy or dog from approaching the plant.

Pot size: 120mm


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