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The Alstroemeria lily is commonly known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. These blooms are native to South America but have become very popular in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. Alstroemeria flowers come in an abundance of colour ranging from red, apricot, orange, purple, pink, green, and white as well as in gorgeous striped and streaked patterns. These incredibly gorgeous flowers have a tropical aesthetic and they make you want to be on a beach somewhere in Mexico…

There is quite a fascinating story linked to the Alstroemeria flower; a Swedish baron named Claus Von Alstomer discovered the flower while collecting seeds on a to Spain and that is how the name of the flower came into place. It was named after this man!

Alstroes symbolise friendship and devotion, their dreamy leaves grow upside, turning out the stems as it grows – similar to the twists and growth of a friendship. These blooms also symbolise fortune and prosperity which we find fitting because if the Alstroemeria is looked after well, it can last for an exceptionally long time.

Alstroemerias are commercially grown and they are super popular with florists and in markets and supermarkets. In Australia, the tallest stemmed Perivian lilies are the most regarded as these beauties have a long lasting vase life. A tip from us is; if you want these flowers to last longer then add a little bit of bleach to their water and you will be amazed with the results of doing this. These flowers can last up to three weeks in a vase and they are seriously a gorgeous feature in your home!

If you are looking for a flower to decorate your garden, porch or balcony then have a look into the Princess Lilies which is the dwarf long flowering alstroemeria! These types of alstroes are perfect for growing in pots and they’re such a gorgeous feature for the outside of your house!

You are probably wondering how to grow these beautiful flowers and we are just about to tell you. When planting Alstroemeria plants, they are best positioned in an area not too deep but somewhere where they get enough sunlight! Be mindful not to expose these blooms to full sun, especially in summer! Make sure you feed these growing plants enough organic nutrients and keep them mulched around the plants but not on top. Another note to keep in mind is give these flowers enough space between each of them so they all can flourish completely and provide their best flowers!!! And of course, our lucky last tip is like with any other flowering plant, you should always water these dreamy plants regularly and feed them with compost for their best capacity to grow.

Get excited about Alstroemeria blooms, they are an absolute delight to have included in a bouquet of flowers you buy, or just in your own garden! If you have any further questions about these dreamboats feel free to ask us below and we can answer all your questions!

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