Mother’s Day flowers your mum can eat!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you’re stuck for ideas. Last year you gave her mother’s day flowers, chocolates or perfume. And the year before that, same story. Last year you made a promise to yourself. “I can do better than the same old Mother’s Day flowers!” you said. “Next year, I’m doing doing something waaaaay better!”

Today is your lucky day. You’re going to learn how your mum can have her flowers and eat them too. Cactus Mother’s Day flowers your mum can eat. Let’s go!

Brooklyn baker Alana Jones-Mann has a published sweet DIY article on baking cupcakes that look like miniature cacti. All you need is sweet, sweet frosting (because why else does anyone eat cupcakes), green food dye and a smidgeon of baking talent.

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Mother's day flowers mum can eat.

Mother's day flowers mum can eat.

Materials and ingredients you need

You don’t need many ingredients, let’s be honest these delicious cupcakes are mostly fondant. Alana’s original recipe used Grahams’ Crackers, which aren’t available in Australia unfortunately. However, I’ve made this recipe with both Nice and Scott Finger biscuits and both work great as a substitution.

* A batch of pre-baked cupcakes
* Frosting
* Arnotts Nice or Scotch Fingers biscuits
* Icing dye: Green, Yellow, Red
* Fondant
* Pastry bag
* Icing tips: #352, #21, #102 (roses)

If you want the perfect look, the icing tip sizes are the one thing you don’t want to mess with. We did our research and Spotlight came out as the probably the easiest place for most people to source the icing tips. Here are links to icing tips in sizes #352 (Leaf Tip), #21 (Open Star Tip), #102 (Petal Tip).

Now all you need to do is follow Alana’s DIY: House Plant Cupcakes recipe on her blog.

Why bake Cactus Mother’s Day flowers?

Face it, most mums like baking. But even if baking isn’t your mum’s cup of tea, I guarantee she’ll enjoy this little surprise.

Why? Because she doesn’t see enough of you. It’s a busy world and all. There’s work, the house, kids, and so on. When you stop to think about it, when is the last time you shared then kitchen with mum? Easter? Christmas… or was it even longer?

One of my favourite quotes goes something like this, “Time is the coin of your life, spend it wisely”. We live in a material world, full of companies vying for a share of our wallets and devices vying for our attention. And even though it’s often money that we most agonise about spending, time is really much more valuable. You can only spend it once, after all.

So don an apron, pour some tea, and enjoy a little kitchen time with mum. And don’t forget to share your cupcake inspo with your Instagram followers #cactuscupcakes.

Time is the best present you can give mum this year.

The point is, your time and attention is the most valuable thing you can give your mum this year. People often complain “I don’t have the time”, but truth is what people really mean is “It’s not a priority to me.”

So this year, show mum she really is your number one priority.

Discovered via Colossal

Update: January 2019

Fig & Bloom is growing! We now offer flower delivery to Sydney and flower delivery to Melbourne.

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