…”the end result was absolutely stunning…”

Baby Shower Flowers - Event Flowers

How we turned a converted shed into an expected mamma’s dream event…

…”the end result was absolutely stunning…”
Lina, happy expectant mum.

Sometimes the weeks fly by so quickly – all of a sudden we’re at the end of the year!
It’s nice to stop & reflect on what we’ve been working on.
We are sharing what we’ve been up to this past week… event flowers!

Kellie Brown

We love bringing you the most beautiful florals – but as some of you may know – we also love designing gorgeous event florals! ???

Lina was introduced to Fig & Bloom by her sister.
They love the Fig & Bloom style on Instagram & when Lina’s baby shower began approaching, Lina got in touch with her ideas & Pinterest board.

Expecting a baby boy, Lina wanted baby shower flowers with a rustic aesthetic & blue highlight colours.
These were the inspirational photos which she had collected:

Birthday Cake Flowers

(Credit: Pinterest)


(Credit: Pinterest)

“Not only did she match my (very specific) brief perfectly, but exceeded my expectations!”
Lina, happy expectant mum.

The venue chosen was Cru, in Glenferrie rd, Kew.
I visited the venue the week before to install hooks in the space for what was to come – an installation of foliage garlands & posies surrounding the dessert table.

Armed with Lina’s inspiration pics and colours, I chatted to my most trusted growers at the flower marker to ensure everything I needed was available.
A focal point of the event was going to be garlands of rustic foliage & blue Delphiniums.

The foliage was going to be ok, as we’d been keeping an eye on that in the weeks leading up to the event.

Delphiniums, however, are tall & quite delicate. Harvest had been damaged during the heavy rain and windy weather we’d had in Melbourne recently.

Fortunately we were in luck! The vibrant blue delphiniums were available and undamaged from the storm – the baby shower flowers looked incredible!  ?

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Baby Shower Flowers - Event Flowers

Look at those incredible desserts!

Setting up the event took no time at all, as the blooms were prepared in the flower studio ahead of time.
We attached the garland to the back wall, behind the dessert table. We then arranged the garlands around the desserts – just like Lina’s inspirational pic.

Cake Flowers
Cake Flowers

Family photo (so cute!)

” Gorgeous blooms to compliment my theme, excellent service, and the perfect baby shower as a result, creating special memories for years to come!”

…” I couldn’t have asked for more…”

– Lina, happy expectant mum.

I was thrilled with the result & so happy to have exceeded Lina’s expectations.
I’d like to extend the offer of event florals to you.

If you have an important event coming up & need flowers, I’d love to hear from you.

Just send an email & we can chat about your ideas!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kellie xx

[email protected]

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