Festoon Your Tree With Flowers This Christmas

Every year you do the same thing, decorating your Christmas tree with coloured tinsel and fine glass baubles. And it’s beautiful, that’s for sure. But beautiful things can always be beautifuler – ok, that’s not a real word. But this creative decorating idea is the real deal. Be the envy of all your neighbours and family this year with a fresh spruce covered in bedazzling blooms.

Why Do Women Like Flowers?

“What’s the point of paying all this money for something that’s just going to die in a few days?” Don’t worry, if you’re someone who thinks flowers are pointless, you’re not alone. The irony here is that flowers’ pointlessness is one of the things that women love about them. Though the idea of love is infinite, the gesture of giving a woman flowers is ephemeral and exciting.

How to decorate your home with flowers

Let’s face it, everyone loves flowers. Even the manliest of men can admit they love the smile flowers put on their lady’s face when they surprise her with a fancy bouquet at the end of a long day. Nothing beats that warm and fuzzy you can only get from flowers. So, why not capture that feeling and keep it with you at all times, especially in your humble abode?

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