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There’s something extra about Australian Babes, and the soy candles being produced by Babe Australia are also becoming our hottest exports! Four signature fragrances unlike anything else: Oud {pronounced Ood}, Rosa, Santalum and Cedrus have been designed to provoke imagination, and take you on a journey where anything is possible and probably best kept a secret!

When Babe Australia first launched their natural bath, body and skin care range, the unique fragrances of their products gained momentum, with customers soon asking for them to make candles!

Founder Kim Peirce has always had a passion for perfumery and worked with a third-generation French perfumer to create an olfactory experience that will blow up everything you knew about candle fragrances. These trade mark fragrances are the cornerstone of the Babe Australia home fragrance line. Kim wanted to create a scent experience for the candle burner; carefully curated top, heart and base fragrance notes stir up exotic longings and memories.

Oud is a highly prized and rare resin, often called liquid gold, which originated in the Middle East from the heartwood tree. It has been used in perfumery throughout history for its complex, aromatic scent and makes it richly symbolic of old world opulence. Unlike any other scent naturally occurring in the western world, it makes a distinctly exotic statement. Babe Australia’s Oud candle has a top note of violet to add dark enchantment, a heart note of anise for a lingering, candied spice sensation and the base note of Oud and Amber for a deep and balanced, luxurious, resinous fragrance. Oud will take you on a magic carpet ride to the smoky Souks of the medina.

Candles - Oud by Babe
Babe Candles - Oud

Babes’ best-selling Rosa scent is a seductive temptress! It’s the candle you need to burn to turn up the romance and crate a create a mood for possibilities! The Rose and Clove heart note of this profile is warm with heady aromatics. The base note of sandalwood and amber leads your senses to a sweet tryst.

Looking for an androgynous fragrance to stimulate your collective conscience – of course you are you boho babe! Santalum is the one for you. It’s an earthy blend of spice, ylang ylang and wood that’s erotic, narcotic and thrilling – perfect for lingering cocktails at your next tribal council meeting! The top note of grapefruit is a zingy introduction to powerful animalic notes lingering at the base of the Santalum scent profile.

The fourth fragrance is Cedrus – take a Nordic excursion to a tranquil sauna retreat; fragrances of mossy wood and old growth cedar forests will unfurl your mind and body. This is an ideal candle to burn when you want to set a mood of Zen-like confidence, or during your meditation practice. Its base note of Amber is warm and uplifting; Sandalwood at its heart, is comforting and inviting and with a floral top note, adds harmony to your space.

Rosa - Babe Candles
Candles - Rosa by Babe

Babe candles are individually hand poured into glass vessels at the Babe warehouse in Melbourne. Natural soy wax is blended with the highest ratio of premium quality botanical fragrances. An organic cotton wick is used so they burn with a deep, fragrant melt pool and have a potent scent throw throughout the life of the candle.

The best way to care for your Babe premium candle is to trim the wick when you first open the box and to allow the candle to burn until the top layer of the wax is molten. Snuff the flame, rather than blowing it out so black smoke won’t make a mess of your beautiful candle. Be sure to trim your wick prior to each subsequent lighting.

The Babe Australia home fragrance range has been made with love and designed to uplift your spirits and enhance the feel good atmosphere of your home.

Candles - Cedrus by Babe
Cedrus - Babe Candles

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